the method to solve the noise of a stone crusher

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the method to solve the noise of a stone crusher

Jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher are all the stone crusher commonly used in ore crushing, and some problems may arise during the use of stone crusher. Today, you are here to talk about the noise problems that the new stone crusher that has been bought by the user is consulting in the crushing process. Why will the new stone crusher have a noise problem in the use of the crusher?

According to the research of our company technical personnel, it is found that the cause of the cause of the noise of the crusher is two: one is to start the noise, and the two is the noise of operation; the noise in which the starting noise is usually refers to the noise caused by the starting process of the equipment, and the noise is generally large, and it is mainly made by the motor, for this kind of noise. Noise can only be reduced as far as possible. Theoretically speaking, it is unavoidable and improper operation will cause the noise problem of stone crusher to increase.

The noise of the stone crusher and the noise in operation is caused by the improper design of the equipment. Because of the unreasonable design of its structure, the noise will come out in the actual production process. For this kind of noise, the first thing we think about is to lubricate the noise emitted by the noise. The sample can effectively reduce the noise problem of stone crusher.

The main reason for the noise of the stone crusher is that the user can correctly handle the noise of the stone crusher according to the cause of the noise of the stone crusher. In the process of purchasing the stone crusher equipment, the user selects the motor with excellent performance and low power consumption, and it is best to do field debugging at the factory site to see if the noise is relatively large.