When Did You Start And Why Should You End It

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When Did You Start And Why Should You End It

Everyday there are millions of people smoking. But the question is WHY? We all know that cigarette smoking is very hazardous to our health. Even cigarette commercials tells us that Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online, but why do we still continue to smoke? Do people smoke for no reason and they just feel like doing it? I don't think so, its highly doubtful that people smoke for no particular reason, there has to an answer behind why people start smoking even if we're addicted to it, right? There has to be psychological reason to why people smoke and we're going to find out.

Do you remember when you ever started smoking? What made you start at the first place? There are so many reason each of us have why we are smoking. We must find out why people start smoking or try it, usually some of the smokers begin at 17 to 20's and believe me I see a lot of teenagers smoking, it taps to their curiosity, it's not something new to people, we can't help it, we are intrigue and thrilled by something that we don't know and are new to us, we see people smoke almost everywhere, its gives the sense questioning "why are they smoking?", "what does it taste like?", "what do they feel when smoking?". Because of our curiosity we end up doing it ourselves. Since it's popularize, as teens it gives them the feeling that they're making a statement, when you're doing it front of you friend, it gives them the same feeling of curiosity thus they imitate you, and showing off with cigarette at hand makes you more part of the group having engraved to their mind that it's cool to smoke (To be honest in my opinion people who think like that are just full of crap) because of that kind thinking discrimination exists, teens are getting self-conscious if they didn't do what the "cool" people they'll be considered an outcast. But before all of this as youngsters sees adults are the only ones that are allowed to smoke, by doing what adults do it gives them the sense of maturity, they made a decision on their own and it says "I decided to smoke". Also sometimes it turns into like any other bad habit, when things don't your way feeling depressed and annoyed, we turn to our companion. Smoking. Now we have a better understanding to why people smoke and so we can analyze why people continue to smoke?

As former smoker myself I can understand why lots of people continue to smoke Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes, after trying it at first some continue to make it a habit. We make up a lot reason to smoke. First of all stress, when we're in so much stress from work or problems (oh boy.) smoking helps us release some of the pressure and calms us down. Taking a few minutes break just to smoke, I used to do it few time a day at work, even after meals Newport Cigarettes For Sale. We've been doing so long it becomes a figure of a reward to ourselves just chilling back and relaxing with a cigar on our hand, I used to climb up to the rooftop of our house at night lying there while smoking 2-4 sticks looking at sky, it felt so good. And it can be consider to be a social thing, clubs or at bars its great way to mingle with others that are smoking too. Its gives the sense of being a parts of an exclusive group. No matter how we look at it smoking has been a part of every man and woman for a long time. These are some of the reasons why people continue to smoke.

After we discussed the question to why do people continue to smoke? We're going to tackle another question "Why Do People Quit smoking?". we're going to investigate to why some smokers chose to quit smoking. We've asked several former smoker what made them quit? for one thing cigarettes are getting way too expensive, it's getting to be a pricey habit and once people realize it, they would prefer to spend on something much more meaningful than seeing it going to ashes. Another reason is health, I used to work in diagnostic laboratory and believe me prolonged smoking has its consequences, you'll get sick, you'll have difficulty in breathing, constant coughing, teeth getting yellow, darkening lips, bleeding gums, but thats not the worst part if you don't stop it will lead to cancer and it isn't a pretty sight I assure you people. Smokers that plan on starting a family most likely to quite Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes, they want to be a good example for their children, especially pregnant women it will be very harmful for the child in their womb and study shows second hand is much more hazardous than the first. We now know smoking seems appealing in some aspect Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, but the after effect is quite deadly.<br/>related article :<br/> Prices Of Cigarettes By Brand
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