What are the advantages of the new sand making machine?

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What are the advantages of the new sand making machine?

With the continuous development of sand making machine, emerge a batch of new sand making machine equipment, VSI sand making machine is improved on the basis of the original, has carried on the corresponding adjustment to structure of sand making machine, sand making machine equipment itself better performance advantages, improve the production capacity.

Advantages of new sand making machine.

1. The production efficiency is improved. Compared with the old equipment, the output can be increased by more than 20%.

2. Good tightness, with better internal structure and less dust;

3. With high yield, the yield can reach 80-90%;

4. Good stability, small vibration and low noise;

5. Material upgrade of main vulnerable parts, extending service life;

6. Improve the degree of automation and reduce labor intensity;

The emergence of VSI sand making machine is an upgrading of sand making machine equipment, despite the principle of sand making machine equipment there may be differences, but the birth of each will promote the technology level of the whole industry, promote the development of sand making machine equipment industry.

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