UC Charleston Half Marathon & 5k, Sunday, Apr 29, 2012

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UC Charleston Half Marathon & 5k, Sunday, Apr 29, 2012


What: Half Marathon and 5k. The half marathon is 13.1 Miles which is equal to 21.1 km and the 5k is  equal to 3.1 miles.

Course: The UC Half Marathon is a two loop course that begins and ends within the University of Charleston campus. The course will provide runners with a beautiful tour of the Charleston area right along the river of Kanawha. For a more detailed course description, see the bottom of this page

More Information: All proceeds for this race will benefit the Sports Administration and our efforts creating opportunities for students in Kenya. We are coordinating our efforts with the Winter Series Races. See the Training page. Ties with the UC is losing it program. For more info, visit: ucislosingit.com