The performance of the construction waste crushing line

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The performance of the construction waste crushing line

The construction waste disposal production line is made up of crushing machinery, screening machinery and auxiliary equipment, of which construction waste crusher plays an important role. The difference between the different forms of fixed construction waste treatment production line is that these mechanical devices are installed on one or more special chassis. The production line of building garbage disposal has been widely used in various fields such as ore crushing and building garbage disposal in China.

The building is produced by the blasting demolition of the construction waste, after pretreatment, can enter grain crusher, the excavator is sent to the feeder, feeder small waste through the pre screening after discharge, aniseed into crusher crusher, impact crusher feeding conveyer are arranged above the separator, separation of steel construction waste the material enters the screening station after screening, aniseed returned back breaking cycle is broken, small material by belt conveyor to the refined material pile.

In addition to the feeding system, the crushing system, the screening system and the conveying system, the production line is equipped with a self powered power device according to the mobility of the flow operation. According to the different crushing and screening process, the structure of the equipment is also different.

construction waste crusher: