Structural improvement of sand making machine

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Structural improvement of sand making machine

The sand making machine has the blood of the German authoritative experts for many years. All the technical indexes are ahead of the level. It is a new type of high efficient crushing machine. It is becoming the core equipment of the sand making machine industry. The sand making machine has many advantages compared with the general manufacturers, and it is a high efficiency sand making machine worthy of investment. First, the processing capacity of the machine is very strong, the output is as high as 60-640 tons per hour. It is more than thirty percent higher than that of the same power sand making machine, and the production of this series of sand making machine is very stable.

The impact angle of the crushing chamber of this sand making machine is reasonable, and the wear of the material and the wear-resistant part is not much, which is about thirty percent lower than the maintenance cost of the traditional sand making machine. This directly reduces the investment of equipment and brings a larger space for the profitability of enterprises.

Besides, the materials produced by the VSI sand making machine are of high quality. Generally, the shape of the cube is good, the shape of the particles is good, the gradation is reasonable, the fineness can be adjusted very quickly, and it is very suitable for the molding of artificial sand and stone. Years of work practice has proved that the series sand making machine has good effect on material shaping.

This set of sand making machine is a hydraulic device, which is easy to maintain in the crushing chamber and shortens the time of cleaning and maintenance. It is not like the traditional sand machine to use the lifting equipment. It saves the time cost to a certain extent, and can bring more value to the user.

The lubrication of VSI sand making machine adopts thin oil lubrication and automatic maintenance. The double oil pump complements the guarantee of oil supply, and automatically stops when there is no oil flow and no oil pressure, effectively ensuring the safety of the machine and equipment. It is worth mentioning that the set of sand machine equipment will be automatically detected, because it is equipped with overload automatic alarm device, when the equipment operation is not normal, the alarm device will send out a warning sound spontaneously, and stop running, in order to protect the safety of the operator and the safety of the mechanical equipment.