Structural Upgrade of Raymond Mill

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Structural Upgrade of Raymond Mill

With the continuous development of the powder industry, the application requirements of the ore Raymond Mill are also improving. As the main equipment for grinding of powder industry in China, ramond pulverizer is an inevitable trend for the development of "high reliability, energy saving, precision and automation" in order to meet the requirements of different application fields.

Due to the low fineness, high power consumption, high noise and low efficiency of the traditional Raymond Mill, the equipment manufacturers of the mineral processing enterprises and the Raymond Mill have been perplexed. We after many years of accumulated experience, to improve the original Raymond grinding machine, on the basis of independent research and development production of a new generation of ore Raymond pulverizer, effectively solve the technology problem of traditional Raymond grinding machine, so as to improve the performance of the Raymond mill machine.

The four major improvements are as follows:
1. the main shaft and the plum flower stand are carried out to stabilize the structural transformation, so that it runs smoothly.

2. the traditional part of the analytical machine is towed by the lumen, which is changed into two isolation in the external vertical suspension drive cavity, thus enhancing the stability and durability of the work.

3. in crushing zone, so stay grinding material always gathered in grinding crushed zone for effective processing, to improve the grinding efficiency, but also for roller structure is updated, make the roller grinding wheel and the roller can be complementary, at the same time in the rotation of the revolution, to make it stronger efficacy and durability.

4. the ventilation, the bellows and air duct are from raw water flat to 30 degrees to the centre, form the bucket shape, ensure smooth bellows, duct always no blockage, and always maintain the required air flow and host grinding powder at high efficiency.