Silicon materials drive the development of ultrafine mill

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Silicon materials drive the development of ultrafine mill

In China in recent years is more for the application of silicon materials, applications such as automotive, power electronics and other industries, the development of this material to promote the development of the mine production equipment, such as ultrafine grinder , which is mainly for the grinding process of silicon, which can meet the production needs of various industries of this kind of material.

Silicon is a kind of natural resources, the production process can be crushing, grinding, sand and other operations used in photovoltaic and building industries in the process of this application, promote the development of crushing, milling and other mining equipment, which needs in the stage of the milling device is ultra fine grinding machine for the production. Silicon, is mainly depend on the mutual assistance roller grinding ring and other parts of the production process, the need to choose different types of mill according to the application of different industries, which greatly promoted the development of the machine.

The production process of silicon material by ultrafine mill
In the production line is not always rely on the single equipment can complete the processing, requires a lot of equipment to assist, silicon ore mining relatively large size, need to be added to the crushing mill for grinding, so the whole production process needs more types of equipment, for the model selection, according to the actual needs the production and investment of.

After crushing through the jaw crusher, the bulk silicon ore is sent to the hopper by the hoist. Then the material is evenly and quantitatively sent to the main mill chamber by electromagnetic vibration feeder. After grinding material is fan airflow into classifier classification, in the separator impeller under the action does not meet the requirements of the fineness of the material into the grinding chamber of re grinding, comply with the requirements of the fineness of the material with the gas flowing through the pipeline into the cyclone powder collector, were isolated and collected, the discharging device is discharged the finished powder. The separated airflow enters the fan through the upstream return pipe of the cyclone collector. The production process of the ultrafine grinder ensures the quality of the finished product. The system belongs to the closed loop system and operates under positive and negative pressure.

ultra fine grinding mill: