Mobile construction waste crushing plant

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Mobile construction waste crushing plant

Mobile crushing station has arisen six or seven years, it is mainly used in mining industry, construction waste processing industries,under the background of the construction of the demolition, the construction waste crushing plant is playing an increasingly important role, as an important member, its development trend in the field of construction waste treatment in the future is also very important. After the disposal of the construction waste, more than 95% of the construction waste can be reused, and it becomes the raw material for the construction of the project and continues to be used in the construction project.

The mobile crushing station makes the construction waste management realize the triple benefit unification.

Firstly, economic benefits, made up of mobile crushing plant construction waste processing production line, the production of finished aggregate alternative stones and sand, sell well, and especially suitable for the production of new green brick.

Second, the environmental benefits, according to the traditional way of garbage disposal, the most common way to stacking, landfill, such not only occupy the cultivated land and also polluted the environment, so all in all, construction waste into renewable resources, not only to save the environment, also added more sustainable use of resources for social development.

Thirdly, social benefits, mobile crushing station after the processing of construction waste recycled aggregates and recycled concrete can be generated, as well as the filling material and so on, can not only save the raw materials used in building materials, can also reduce the phenomenon of river sand and other raw materials are in short supply.