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[url=][b]Cheap Digimon Masters Online Gold[/b][/url] En Masse Entertainment has posted a brief note on the TERA site to let players know that a potential in-game chat vulnerability has been discovered thanks to a Reddit post (since removed) on the TERA Reddit. En Masse is working to investigate the issue and are working closely with the development team to track down and close the potential exploit. However at this time  "there is no evidence that the vulnerability is being exploited in these way or that any player info has been compromised".

[url=][b]Cheap Digimon Masters Online Tera[/b][/url]TERA players will be able to take part in a special "end-of-year extravaganza" to close out 2017 and ring in the new year. Starting Saturday December 30th and running through January 2nd players will receive 2X drops in several dungeons as well "as a chance for bonus winter-themed loot". In addition logging in for the final 15 minutes of the year will see players earn a Big-Badda-Boom Box with 100 fireworks inside. You can earn one for each US time zone that passes midnight.

TERA will be getting a big update on November 30th. The update is called Miniguns and brings the Gunner class to Elin characters. A pre-event will be held for aspiring Elin to earn a sweet pink outfit. The event will run from November 22nd through November 30th prior to the Miniguns launch.In addition to Elin Gunners players can also look forward to the hard-mode edition of the RK-9 Kennel dungeon along with December events with a brand new cosmetic item called "footsteps".

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