How to achieve better production by ultrafine grinding machine

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How to achieve better production by ultrafine grinding machine

The production of ultrafine grinder has great impact on our daily life, for example, in cosmetics and other industries, when the fine particle size of the ultrafine mill grinder is smaller, the quality of the cosmetics is better, and it is easier to be absorbed, which can improve its usability. In this view, the production of ultrafine mill is very important.

In fact, in the process of production, we can make its production better if we follow several important rules of production. For example, in production, we should pay attention to its characteristics so that its production performance can be better played out. In production, we should also pay attention to some small places, which can ensure that his production is better.

For better production of ultrafine grinding equipment, users must pay attention to cleaning coarse powder and large particles adhered from the classifier, pipeline, cyclone collector and finished product wall when changing the product fineness. Because these big particles can cause the pollution of production, it has a great influence on our production, so we have to clear it carefully. When cleaning up, to clean up the residual raw material in the cavity of the mill and the air box, the main engine will stop. In order to eliminate more thoroughly, the classifier must be transferred to the high speed of processing the corresponding fine powder, and the blower will be opened to a certain time after the rotation, so that the remaining large granular materials can be cleared away.

In addition, in the production of ultra-fine grinding, in order to prevent the impact of adverse factors such as vibration, we should take some measures. For some parts such as shroud, wind box and so on easy to crack, the anchor bolt is easy to break, and it is likely to cause equipment accident. So, we should take some measures, such as the cover tube suspended in a multistage classifier support, in addition with the soft connection, the bellows with the pad damping, the anchor bolts made detachable and other measures, which can prevent the superfine grinding at work due to the shock losses effectively.