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Home Lift hadn't have moved along so well

If platform [url=http://www.fujihd.net/]Home Lift[/url] hadn't have moved along so well in recent times then this installation would not have been able to happen, and vast structural re-engineering would have had to happen. However, all that was needed was a 50 millimeter pit in the floor, meaning the foundations did not have to be dug down in to, causing severe disruption.

There is also an option where smaller heights are needed; here a simple screw and nut driven platform can be used with equally as easy installation. Again, the structural change needed is minimal and can be installed inside or outside. Although the phrase "screw and nut" seems simple and old-fashioned, the new versions of these lifts are a far cry from the industrial platforms associated with lifting goods. Nowadays you can choose an open design with stainless steel details and glass safety panels.

Platform lifts can now be adapted for most structural situations, whatever the age, the size and layout of the building. As long as there is scope for a 15000mm turning circle in front of the lift, it doesn't cause go against fire regulations and the structural foundations are suitable.

Stair Lift Advantages
Many times, when it becomes difficult to use the stairs, the easiest solution appears to be to avoid those areas of your home that require stair access. While this might seem like the best way, it in many instances means that the size of your home is dramatically reduced. The risk though of using the stairs if you can not do so safely are great though and so this might seem like a fair trade. In reality a stair lift can be installed easily and inexpensively in most cases, which will ensure that you are able to use all areas of your home.

Stair lifts are a special type of home mobility equipment that is used to carry an individual up and down the stairs. They usually feature a chair that is attached to an aluminum track, but there are a few models which allow the user to stand as they go up and down the lift. These standing stair [url=http://www.fujihd.net/]Escalator Factory[/url] are often called perch lifts because of the way they are used and are usually reserved for individuals who can not sit without pain. A chaired stair lift is much more common.