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"When I was diagnosed with a heart condition and facing heart surgery or death I spent countless hours looking for answers. I was confused, angry, depressed, frightened, and in denial. I was able to find plenty of information on the clinical aspects of my prognosis, but outside of a few sites that featured patient stories there wasn’t any information to satisfy my soul searching. I wanted answers to the more candid issues, and I also wanted to talk to people who were facing the same situation. It is here that I hope you’ll find peace of mind, encouragement, and most importantly a spark to light a fire inside of you. Heartosaurus is a mindset. It’s a fraternity of heart patients, family members, doctors, nurses and others who are focused on living life to its fullest and making a difference to the cause."
-Benjamin J. Carey, Heart Patient and Author of “Barefoot in November”

FORUM GUIDELINES (you will be banned if you don’t follow them)

Users are encouraged to use their photos or creative avatars.

Please pick ONE most appropriate area in which to post your specific topic. Posting the same topic in more than one area is not necessary and leads to confusion. Any such duplicate posts will be deleted. Additionally, reposting the same topic due to lack of replies is also not good practice and will result in post deletion. Use the Search Function before making a new thread to determine if your topic or question has not yet been discussed.

You may not post any advertising on this site. Further, do not post links whose sole purpose is to drive traffic to another site. Meaningful links are encouraged. Links whose sole purpose is to send members to other sites and blogs is prohibited(even if they are heart sites – the links must be relevant).

Short, meaningless, redundant posts made on the site will be considered spam. Do not make redundant posts or those topics which are already posted by other members. Use the Search Function before making a new thread to determine if your topic or question has not yet been discussed.

Defamatory, obscene, threatening, profane or hateful posts, replies or messages are strictly not allowed.

Do not write obscure posts or messages. Write in decency. Be professional and help our forum maintain a professional environment. Avoid using obscure languages and abbreviations that will only complicate a particular forum discussion. Do not use excessive size of text fonts and obtrusive font colors.

Inactive accounts will be terminated after a reasonable length of time.

All posts made on become the property of the site. reserves the right to keep posts on the site if a member leaves the site or is removed for any reason.

All of the posts on the site are the personal experiences and opinions of the members and should never be considered medical suggestions or used in place of the medical advice of your personal physicians. and its members are not responsible for the accuracy of advice or information in the forums.

We make every effort to keep all objectionable messages and advertisements off the site, but it is impossible for us to review everything. All messages express the views of the author, and will not be held responsible for the content of any message or advertisement.


How do I reply to a post
To reply to any post on this forum, just click on the message and click on reply..  That's it, very easy... 

How do I post a new message
To make a new post, Click on one of the categories on the front page the you would like to post in. Then click on New Topic and post away.. 

Saving your favorite pages
You can save you favorite forum pages by clicking on the gray star in the header of any post. This will save them to your favorites. EX. below: 

To access your favorites look at the top right of the page, you will see "Refresh" "Permalink", and "your username"   Click on your "username" and there will be a link to your starred posts. 

How do I delete my posts? 
Log in and then you can find and delete your posts. After you log in, go to your post and you will find a "delete" link to delete your post. 

How do I stop an email alert? 

At the end of an email alert, there is always a link to stop it. Click that link and you will no longer be alerted. 

Customizing your account

You can handle different customization options on your account by clicking on your "username" at the top right hand side of the page.   Then click on "Personal Settings" It will allow you to add a signature to your posts, upload an avatar, manage your email alerts, and more. 

Posting by email
You can subscribe to a forum by clicking on "Options > Subscribe to this forum". 
(1)Individual emails - You receive one email for each new post under the forum. If you reply to such emails, your message will be archived as a new reply on the forum. 
(2) Digest - You receive one email with a summary of all posts created in the last 24 hours. You can't reply to this type of email. 
To manage your subscriptions, click on your profile (top right corner), then click on "Personal Settings > Email Subscriptions". From that screen you can change and remove subscriptions. 
To know the email of a given forum, go to the forum and click on "Options > Post by email...". To prevent spam, forum addresses are unique for each user. So you can't get a forum address and send it to your friends. 

Subscribing to topics
If you are interested in a particular topic only, you can subscribe to it instead of subscribing to the whole forum. To do this, open the topic and click on "Options > Subscribe to this topic". 

Please send me only replies to my messages

If you don't want to subscribe to anything, but would like to receive replies to your messages. Then all you have to do is click on the "Alert me by email when someone replies to my message" checkbox under the message text area. 

What is the green triangle on the top right corner of my user photo/avatar?
This forum can now show which users are online. This information is displayed as a green triangle on the top right corner of the user avatar. Example: 

* A user is displayed online if he/she has visited the forum in the last 5 minutes. 

How do I link to this forum?
If you want to send someone a link to a particular page on this forum, click on >PERMALINK on the top right of the page.  A box will pop up that will show the >PERMALINK.  Highlight the whole link and then right click your mouse and click >COPY... Then you can paste the link anywhere you like.

All rights reserved. Use of this website, assumes acceptance of the terms herein. All logos, pictures, links and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner. This website has been developed and presented by Benjamin J. Carey, author of "Barefoot in November." Benjamin J. Carey is not a doctor and does not offer medical advice on this website. All of the information herein, is intended to inform and educate. HOWEVER, it does not imply that you or anyone else will receive the same outcome. As with any medical procedure, results will vary among individuals, and there could be pain or substantial risks involved. These concerns should be discussed with your health care provider prior to any treatment so that you have proper informed consent and understand that there are no guarantees to healing. This information about heart surgery is offered for educational purposes only. Do not act or rely upon our information without seeking independent professional medical advice. The transmission of this information does not create any relationship between you and Benjamin J. Carey. Benjamin J. Carey does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, usefulness, or adequacy of any information available at or from this transmission.