FIFA 18 News: The Serie A Re-opens Juventus-Naples

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FIFA 18 News: The Serie A Re-opens Juventus-Naples


Five days from the end of Serie A, among the most significant games for your definition of that will be the champion of this tournament is introduced FIFA 19 Coins. Juventus champion accountable hosts the Naples that's four points away and that should win the game to reopen the championship race.

As it was easy to expect the game does not offer you a different situation than expected. Juventus on the other hand plays with a cautious game, mainly defensive understanding that Napoli is in better condition, with a series of favorable and exciting consequences behind.

As a skilled team, he lets the match flow, trying to create the opponent nervous, as he does not see his effort to proceed to unlock the game. The stopwatch nearly marks the approaching of recovery time when Callejon RW 93 correctly blowing off a corner of this Naples finds an imperious detachment of Koulibali CB 84 penetrating with a powerful mind the door defended by Buffon.

Napoli deservedly won the lead clash and resoundingly reopened the Serie A championship, never so persuasive in recent decades. Juventus, however, still maintains the very first spot in the standings, with a stage of benefit and certainly has no intention of giving such position willingly. The final days of this championship will be thrilling and will certainly offer sensational games and memorable matches.

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