Construction waste recycling is extremely urgent

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Construction waste recycling is extremely urgent

A solid construction waste is currently very serious pollution, in recent years, the urbanization development but also add to the production of construction waste, construction waste accumulation and transportation cost a lot of resources and manpower, not only is the current environmental protection policy is a big obstacle. Faced with a huge amount of construction waste and increasing production, it is urgent to recycle and reuse the garbage. As the pilot province of construction waste crusher management and resource utilization, it has outstanding performance in the construction waste recycling and utilization, which is the driving force behind it.

1. Modular integration design, breaking through the original fixed mode, more flexible and more adaptable.

2. Be on call at any time, at any time, not affected by the site and production environment, with strong mobility.

3. Diversified structure design to meet the production needs of different materials.

4. Wear-resistant, corrosion resistant, the body vulnerable parts adopt international advanced high-end precise materials, and the replacement cycle is infinite.

5. Simple and easy to assemble, able to quickly enter the working state, and the early stage of stagnation is short.

6. Professional and technical personnel follow and guide, after-sales network and considerate service, saving user's maintenance expense and time.

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