Auxiliary equipment for ultrafine grinding mill

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Auxiliary equipment for ultrafine grinding mill

The rapid development of the mining machinery industry makes it impossible to meet the production requirements of high yield and high fineness. Because of its high yield and high precision, the ultrafine mill has developed rapidly. It is very important to choose the equipment that suits you. In the purchase of ultrafine mill, there will be some ancillary equipment, some of which are necessary, some of which can be replaced by other tools. The following is the auxiliary equipment in the ultrafine grinding machine.

In the whole equipment of ultrafine mill, there are conveyor, feeder and powder collector, powder storage and so on.
1. The conveying equipment is in the process of ultrafine grinding mill. The raw ore is required to be transported from the storage point to the grinding machine.

2. Feeding machine equipment, feeding machine will continuously feed materials to the equipment in the next equipment, which is an indispensable equipment in the equipment of ultrafine powder mill.

3. Some metering equipment, in the process of processing, needs to be accurately quantified and evenly supplied, some measuring equipment is needed, and the commonly used hopper type measurement is used.

4. Ultrafine mill used to collect the equipment of finished products. The main collection methods are: gravity, inertia, centrifugation, filtration and electrostatic collection.

These are the supporting equipment in the ultrafine grinding equipment. These are the indispensable equipment. Customers who purchase the ultra-fine powder equipment should pay attention to whether the supporting equipment is complete.